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Hi, my name is Victoria. Before being exposed to the ministry of Quest and Mr. Ludwig, I didn’t even know that there were really good answers to the questions I had. The word “apologetics” was a foreign word to me. When I learned that God wants us to use our minds and to think through His ideas, I got excited.

When I learned that God wants us to use our minds and to think through His ideas it got me excited

One of the things that I discovered about myself is that I tend to be very defensive and dogmatic. This was especially true when I would talk to people who didn’t believe what I did. I would emotionally respond to those who had differing views. Now I’m at ease with spiritual conversations and I have learned to use “reflective statements” too. I’ve learned that I can relax and trust God to defend Himself and that I don’t have to be on the defensive all the time. All I needed to do was to learn how to be a good listener, to ask good questions, and to truly love people.

This has allowed me to have many wonderful spiritual conversations with unsaved people.

For example, there was an older man named Bob, a customer at the restaurant where I work, who was very skeptical about Christianity. I simply listened to him and asked him to explain his answers to me. I was able to get him to question his own beliefs and to think about it in a way that he had never done just by asking him questions.

Mr. Ludwig has taught me to do this and it has really worked to help me to talk with the unsaved people that I know. I’ve also had the privilege of being in the college Veritas group. We meet each Friday night at their home in Lancaster. The Ludwigs and the group are so welcoming. Every first Friday of the month we invite our unsaved friends and Mr. Ludwig leads the group in what we call an Open Forum. These Open Forums are so encouraging. They have allowed me to feel free to invite many of my unsaved friends and to have meaningful conversations with them after the hour long group discussion ends.