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It’s been over 12 years since we met Dave and his family. We met at Faith Community when we use to meet at the little church building on the corner. One of the things that got Randy and my attention was Quest’s focus on the example of the people of Berea. They were willing to search out the scriptures themselves and to develop their own convictions, not on the opinions of men, but on the direct teaching of the Bible. So soon after we met Dave and Linda we suggested that we begin a Bible study at our home and we called it “The Berean Study”. 

There are so many who are willing to just go along with the Christian crowd and be followers of a particular church but Dave challenged us to look to the Word and to become men and women who live based on what we are convinced the Scriptures teach. This one concept has changed me and my family forever.

During one of our darkest times Dave was willing to stay with us and to keep calling us back to the hope that only the Lord can provide. Day and night he was there for us. When everyone else seemed to abandon us he was there challenging us to follow the Lord even in the midst of great pain and suffering. I remember calling him many times a day just to gain a sense of stability. I was pulled into worry, doubt, and confusion. I wanted to run and just give up on trying to follow the principles of Scripture. What possibly could God have in mind? Through it all Dave kept assuring me that God would work it out for good and to produce a great ministry in those who are watching. My kids thought Dave was a Jesus Freak and a person who so deeply believed in what God was doing that it was sometimes scary for them. They did not want to forgive their dad and yet they knew that the counsel Dave was giving to them sounded so Christian and so Biblical. 

I remember standing outside of their home talking with Linda. She assured me that God is in the business of doing miracles in and through his children’s lives. We want the physical miracles but His focus is more often directed at the hearts of people like me and my family. She said if I proved faithful that God would use me to do great things for his glory. That has certainly come true in my life and my ministry. I was tempted to say, “I don’t want this God and I don’t understand why I have to go through all this struggle and embarrassment.” Despite my feeling I learned that the truth of God’s word is absolutely true and it has changed my life and my family’s life. 

it is so amazing to look back on and to see how God’s grace was sufficient to bring us through and to prepare me to do even greater ministry in the lives of others around me. 

I use to be unable to speak up for the Lord. I’ve always been afraid when it came to sharing my faith and the gospel. But Quest has allowed me to see how wonderful the whole process can be. It has also showed me that God is the one who is responsible for the outcome and that has freed me to speak more boldly. I now I realize that I can relax because it is not my responsibility to win anyone into God’s family. I knew that, in a theoretical way, but not in a way that truly changed the way I interacted with unsaved people. That has changed in my life so dramatically that I have found myself actually enjoying talking to people about the gospel.  

I have also found myself hurting for the souls of people and especially for my family. I’ve learned how to truly love them and care about them spiritually. Quest Ministries has also been a key factor in equipping me to share a simple gospel. Dave’s training regarding the use of the law has changed me and how I look at my friends and family. It has given me a sense of confidence. I’ve done things that I have never done before.