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Open Forum Outreach Discussion Groups

An Open Forum is a discussion social. It is a series of comfortable, arm-chair type discussions held in a friendly home environment. The topics of conversation center around basic life and God issues. The format promotes the sharing of ideas rather than lecture and is designed for believers to invite seeking friends. A trained facilitator moderates and promotes invigorating discussion and respectful interaction.

The purposes of these gatherings are to:
• Develop relationships.
• Enter into meaningful dialog about important topics.
• Make others feel they matter and their views are important.
• Provide thoughtful and insightful biblical responses to topics so others may be open to rethinking their ideas.
• Have fun! Let others experience our joy.

Typically lasting for eight weeks, the Open Forum begins with a core group of believers who meet for three weeks to prepare for a series of four dinner or dessert discussions. During the three preliminary meetings, the core plans for the food, prepares for their role in the discussion, draws up a guest list of friends they plan to invite, and pray for the entire event. From the fourth to the seventh week, the core group and guests enjoy significant discussions about life and God in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The eighth week is a time to evaluate the new opportunities that have resulted from the Open Forum and ways to follow up on the relationships.

Prior to beginning an Open Forum you will:
• Discover from Scripture the two key principles to effective evangelism.
• Learn how to overcome the three major barriers people have towards Christianity.
• Develop a four step strategy to deepen your conversations with your lost friends.
• Learn how to avoid disagreeable conversations by using reflective statements.
• Experience the role of prayer in evangelism.
• Identify the 12 most common objections to Christianity and a simple one sentence approach to address each objection.

Get started - Let us know if you, your Bible study, college group or church would like to host an Open Forum.

Open Forums