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People come up to me and ask me, “How come you have it so good, Mike? You have a good looking wife, a beautiful family, a great job, you’re educated, and you’re financially blessed.” Well, I give all the credit to God. He has totally turned my life around and He has used Dave and the ministry of Quest to do it.

I used to think that I could find meaning and purpose with my friends

I use to think that I could find meaning and purpose with my friends, drinking all the time, or spending money I didn’t have, or jumping out of air planes as an Army Ranger. But all those things left me empty inside and I knew that I was going no where fast. That is about the time I met Dave and he helped me to see that my life was important to God and that He had me here for a purpose. I remember after I committed my life to Christ how quickly he was changing each area of my life. I was involved with the wrong crowd, the wrong girl friend, the wrong habits, the wrong interests, the wrong goals. It was all about me and not about something eternal. In the early months of my Christian life, Dave helped me to make the kind of decisions that has led me to where I am today—blessed beyond belief.

Dave has taught me to integrate principles of Scripture into my life
 —to build convictions. 

He has also encouraged me to use my mind in the deepening of my relationship with God. So many Christians seem to be seeking for a feeling or an experience. But Dave helped me to realize that it is all about living by faith. We would meet weekly and talk through each of the areas of my life that needed changing. For example, I was on the verge of bankruptcy with little hope for a way out. But God worked in amazing ways to allow me to avoid that and have a clear conscience too.  One by one I began to think like God and want what God wanted. After I became content in God alone, He introduced me to my beautiful wife to be. He motivated me to work out righteousness in all the areas of my life. In just over 6 years, God has done amazing things in my life and I’m more than happy to point to Dave and the ministry of Quest.