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I never imagined myself in the place I'm in today, spiritually speaking. I never used to think about spiritual stuff like this before--but now I do all the time. Dave has challenged me to think about truth and to think about sharing it with others too. He has trained me to talk with people and to think about how to naturally make those transitions that lead to meaningful and life changing conversations.

Before I got involved with Dave and Quest Ministries I really didn't operate in my Christian life based on convictions. I did whatever came to my mind and I suffered for it. I not only missed out on what the Christian life was all about but my lack of convictions often got me into trouble. And the sad part is that I didn't even realize it. Each Friday a group of us get together and talk about how to live life based on convictions. We share our opinions about all sorts of subjects but in the end we return to the Bible and find out what God actually says about it.

This process of finding out the problem and seeking for the answers in the Bible has changed the way I live my Christian life and I'm a changed person because of it.

When I think about Quest Ministries and Dave I not only think about developing convictions but I also think about evangelism. I've always wanted to share my faith and to do it effectively. I've also wanted to make it a normal part of my life, not just something I do during a home visitation or evangelistic outreach event. It is difficult for me because I work around the same people everyday. But since being trained and inspired I think about sharing my faith everyday and I'm determined to make it a life pattern. It's happening...I see progress.