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Going Rogue - not only is this a popular term these days but is describing what the Bible teaches when it tells each of us to go make disciples, not just converts. Dave has always inspired and encouraged me to do just that. In the past 28 years, I have had the privilege of not only worshipping and serving together with Dave and Linda, but also seeing Dave work out his convictions time after time. I have always considered Dave to be my spiritual mentor, knowing that I can count on the direction he will lead with the confidence that it will be a meaningful and direct path to our Lord.

During difficult times I have often turn to Dave for counsel. I can always count on him to encourage me to identify the moral and non-moral issues and to seek for God’s wisdom by praying through a “pro and con list.” God has blessed this process in our lives so much.

In our recent missions trip to Kenya, my husband and I went without an official missions sponsor, because we new that we had been called to do so. We saw needs, that we had the ability to meet and the Holy Spirit prompted us to meet them.  Dave has always shared that if we are willing and walking with the Lord, God through His word will show us and teach us. God, through His Holy Spirit, is the ultimate teacher.

Through the years Dave has taught us that God has given us the knowledge and skills needed to serve others effectively.

We don’t need institutions to tell us just how to serve God, but rather, we need the Holy Spirit who challenges us through His Word to serve Him and others in His name. Dave has shown us scripturally that God cares about the process and seeks our faithfulness to only Him, even if it is apart from religious organizations. With that being said, I know that Dave strongly supports the accountability and support of each local body as all members of the universal body of Christ work together for His glory.

There are many people out there that you may call friends, but to have a brother in the Lord to keep you on track is priceless. I count Dave as one of my precious blessings from the Lord.